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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions last?

Lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions are designed to last over 10 days. That’s 10+ days of waking in the morning looking glam from morning to night, without the hassle of 2 hour salon lash extension appointments, messy strip lashes or worrying about running mascara daily.

The Boss B*tch Kit comes with 3 pairs of Lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions - that's 6 weeks worth of lash extensions. Whereas, The Basic B Starter Kit comes with 1 pair lasting up to 10+ days.

To ensure your lashes last 10+ days and for a full list of do’s and don’ts, please visit our after care instructions below at Question 3 or click here

How long does it take to apply Lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions?

The Lashcarame Lash Extension system is designed to be applied in just 10 minutes! Created as a DIY lash extension solution for those who want to wake up looking glam for weeks, but don’t have the time (or patience!) to spend hours at the lash salon every couple of weeks, Lashcarame Lash Extensions are the new generation of lash extensions for the modern woman.

If it is your first time applying Lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions, or if you are not used to applying segment lashes, please allow a little more time for application as it may take a few practices to perfect the application process. If you are already very familiar with applying lashes (especially segment lashes) than you will likely pick it up sooner.

The first 1-2 times you apply Lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions it may take longer than 10 minutes to apply as you become familiar with the system (as with anything new, there is likely to be a bit of a learning curve at first!). After this, it should only take you 10 minutes to apply.

How do I care for my Lashcarame DIY Lash extensions?

To maximise the longevity and quality of your new Lashcarame  Lash Extensions, please visit our After care Instructions page here. You can also view these instructions below:

Please follow the below after care instructions after your lash application:

1. Avoid getting your lashes wet for 48 hours after application. This includes sweat from exercise or humidity / steam such as from hot showers.

2. Do not apply mascara to your new Lashcarame Lash Extensions (you won’t need it anyway!).

3. Do not use oil-based products near your eyes (including foundation, creams, cleaners or eyeliner/eyeshadows containing any oils).

4. Be careful when applying and removing makeup around your eyes.

5. Do not rub, pull or touch your lash extensions or allow any other excessive pressure to affect your lashes.

6. Do not sleep on your face.

7. Gently brush your lashes using the including eyelash brush starting from 48 hours after application.

8. To keep your lashes looking fresh, gently wash your lashes with the Lashcarame Foaming Lash Cleanser regularly. Be gentle when washing your lashes, and ensure you gently pat dry and brush your lashes straight after washing.

9. Exercise common sense when getting water on your lashes and do not expose to excessive pressure. Ensure you gently pat dry and brush your lashes with the included lash brush after they are exposed to water. When showering or washing your face, try to avoid excessive water pressure or excessive water exposure if possible.

Help, I got some bond on my eyelid / skin during application!

If you get any of the Lashcarame Long Wear Lash Bond on your eyelids or the surrounding skin during application, that’s ok - you’re only human!

Simply wait 30 minutes and wipe it off with a cotton pad or cotton buds / Q-tips. You may need to dampen it slightly with water but be careful around your freshly applied lash extensions.

Why did my bond become a little clumpy?

This can occur if your bond bottle is not closed completely airtight.

As our bond is designed to be faster drying than regular lash glues and adhere for an extended period of time, if it is exposed to air for too long the texture may become a little clumpy. 

To avoid this from occurring, do not expose to air for long, i.e. tightly close the bottle straight after use

Why do my lash extensions feel heavy?

During the first few days after applying your lash extensions, they may feel a little heavy – especially if you are not used to eyelash extensions. This should subside after a few days.

If your lash extensions still feel heavy after a few days, there may be a number of reasons causing this. Below are some of the most common reasons why your lash extensions may feel heavy:

1. Too much bond applied during application. You only need to use a thin line of the bond when applying your lashcarame Lash Extensions.

2. Your lash extension segments may not be placed in the correct position causing unnecessary extra weight on your natural lashes. Ensure each lash extension segment is placed in the correct position, close to the natural lash line (but not touching the skin). The ideal distance from the natural lash line to place the lash extension is 1mm from the natural lash line.

3. The shape/size of your eyes may not be suitable for the lash extension style you are using. If this is the case, try switching to a lighter lash style, or using less lash segments (e.g. instead of using 4 segments, you can try 3 segments).

4. If you have followed all of the above and your lash extensions still feel heavy, you can try to cut your lashcarame. Lash Extensions segments into smaller segments (we suggest cutting into half) which will reduce the weight of each segment on your natural lashes. To cut the lash segments, please ensure you use small fine-tip scissors and are very careful when you do so.

Are lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions safe to use on sensitive eyes?

Our products do not contain cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde or latex (these are harsh chemicals that are likely to irritate sensitive eyes).

However please keep in mind that like all cosmetics, depending on the sensitivity level of your eyes, there is still the possibility your eyes may become irritated or react to our product so please ensure you do a patch test prior to use.

Why did my lashcarame Lash Extensions not last 10+ days?

Your lashcarame Lash Extensions are designed to last 10+ days, however if any of the segments happen to come off earlier than this, there may be a number of reasons for this. Certain variables such as how much oil your skin naturally produces, using products containing oils around your eyes, how you sleep (please do not sleep on your face!), pulling on your lashes after application, humidity and not following proper after care instructions can all affect the longevity of your lashcarame Lash Extensions. Please make sure you are following the correct after-care instructions to ensure your lashcarame Lash Extensions last 10+ days (this is found above at Question 3 of our FAQ’s).

Another reason why your lash extensions may not last as long as they should may be if you did not squeeze your lash extensions with your natural lashes firmly a few times after application (step 7 in the Application Instructions Booklet). This step is extremely important!

Can I re-use my lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions?

Each pair of lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions are designed to be used once to keep that fresh, salon quality look look for 10+ days. Your lashcarame DIY Lash Application Kit comes with 3 pairs of lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions - that's over a month worth of lash extensions.

However some customers do wish to re-use their lash extensions. If you do this, ensure you cleanse the lash extensions and lash band well of all bond residue, dirt and lash removal serum before re-applying. If there is any serum residue, oils or dirt, the lash extensions will not adhere well and will not last long.

Can I customize or cut my lash extensions?

Of course you can! The great thing about lashcarame Lash Extensions is that you can customise them to suit the look you like. Below are just a few ways of how you can customise your lashcarame Lash Extensions:

1. You can double stack them to give a cat eye look! To achieve a cat eye look, do not put any lash segments on the inner corner of your eye. Start from about halfway and double stack the ends!

2. You can trim them (please only trim the width if needed to fit your eye shape if needed, do not trim the length as this will result in an unnatural look).

3. You can use less segments (e.g. you can use only 2 or 3 segments instead of 4 to give a subtle cat eye look or to look more natural. This works best with the "Light" style of lashes).

4. Mix and match different lashcarame lash styles (do not mix with other brand eyelashes as the textures will look different).

Will my natural eyelashes still grow with lashcarame Lash Extensions on?

Of course they will! When applying your lashes, make sure you place them close to the natural lash line, but NOT touching the skin. The ideal distance from the natural lash line to place the lash extension is 1mm from the natural lash line. This ensures there is no tension at the root line and allows your natural lashes to breathe.

Is it safe for me to apply lashcarame DIY Lash Extensions at home?

lashcarame Lash Extensions were designed as a safe, at-home, DIY lash extension alternative to traditional salon lash extensions. Our products do not contain cyanoacrylate, formaldehyde or latex (these are harsh chemicals that are likely to irritate sensitive eyes).

However please keep in mind that like all cosmetics, depending on the sensitivity level of your eyes, there is still the possibility your eyes may become irritated or react to our product so please ensure you do a patch test prior to use.


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