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Sweetheart Lashes

Sweetheart Lashes

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Lashcarame Sweetheart Lashes 

Doll eye style

Length 11mm-15mm


I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. The doll eye are a specialised style of eyelashes designed to create a charming and innocent appearance, reminiscent of a doll’s eyes. They feature longer lashes in the center of the lash line, gradually tapering towards the outer corners, which gives the eyes a rounded and wide-eyed look. Achieving this style requires careful selection of lash length, curl, and thickness to enhance the overall effect. Doll eyelash extensions are a popular choice for those seeking a sweet and playful gaze, with a focus on the eyes’ central features.


  • This fully customisable lash set comes in a Doll Eye Style. Giving you the barbie doll look, eye opener.
  • Ultra-fine 0.07mm lash band for a lightweight and undetectable lash look.
  • This lash set is available in lengths from 11mm - 15mm.
  • The ultra fine lash band makes them perfect for double stacking.
  • Create a doll eye look, a half lash look or double stack for extra volume!
  • This lash set features an ultimate C curl.

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